Welcome to EXOUS Bodygear, we manufacture high quality health and fitness consumer products our latest products are the EX-701 performance knee support a feature rich advanced designed neoprene open patella knee brace which has been optimised for functional knee support and comfort and also the EX-600ml performance range insulated water bottle which can keep chilled drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

About us

Not just another me-too product thank you very much!  If you look at our two latest products you will see some serious attention to detail, The EX-701 knee support is really addressing as best we can a one size fits all knee support brace that tries to eliminate all of the problems with many of the designs on the market.  It is very difficult as you can imagine to create a knee brace which can cater for everyone considering we all are individuals with different knee issues and different knee sizes but we really think we have come pretty close with the EX-701.   We tried to look at the issues in the market which were many knee supports simply being very uncomfortable to wear, not providing a good snug fit which therefore also by definition was providing inferior functional knee support at a sensible price point.  Please read more on the specific features on the EX-701 Knee support  and see how the knee support may be able to help you. It is avaiable exclusivey on amazon.

The EX-600ml Stainless Steel Insulated water bottle

Yep the same goes for this beautiful water bottle.  When we look at the market and reviewed what people were searching for and looking for we wanted to create that for the consumer.  We made the EX-600ml from the ground up, a convenient 600ml which gives alittle more capacity than a standard 500ml bottle but at the same tim ebeing compact enough to carry around anywhere you go, travelling, to the gym, at work , in any back pack.  Making sure we used 18/8 stainless steel for the inner lining and also assuring it was the most practical cool metal insulated bottle in the market for the price.  Finally all our products have to look good as well as work to the best ability.

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