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Need  A Good Knee Support Brace That Actually Works?

Introducing the EX-701 Performance Neoprene Knee Support Brace with Lateral Stabilisers

A new knee support brace some advanced level features designed to improve both functional support and comfort with a true non slip fit that can be used during exercise

~Different by design~ For Better Support

The EX-701 has a unique innovative design which helps give much better sturdy support to individuals who need a knee brace without compromising comfort or being too restrictive. Using an innovative 4-way fully adjustable compression system the EX-701 Knee brace overcomes a number of common issues with many generic neoprene knee support braces on the market:


1. Non- Slip FittingNON-SLIPThe way the 4-way system has been designed along with the other features ensures a super comfortable snug fit which will stay in place even during exercise and movement.  Sounds like that is what you should expect from all knee supports but this is not a given.  If you read customer feedback from many 3 strap designed knee supports a common objection is the knee brace simply falls down all the time and therefore will not give very sturdy support as it is not in positioned to do so.

With generic 3 strap knee braces the Individual may need to over tighten the straps which then causes a great amount of discomfort namely from restrictive movement, and chafing or skin irritation at the back of the knee where the straps must wrap around to enable the brace to fit the knee. Also, many knee braces are poorly designed by not being long enough to securely anchor the knee brace around the upper thigh and lower leg, this design flaw translates to generic knee braces slipping down during even mild movement such as walking.

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The EX-701 has a 4-way fully adjustable compression system which does several key functions; Firstly the 4 straps gives a non-slip grip as the two larger straps anchor the knee brace securely and the two smaller cross-over straps aid in pain relief for the patella tendon area but also helps add further supports creating a ‘cocoon’ like all around support which is very comfortable to wear.

2. Patella bracing built in – Sometimes you need a dedicated patella brace to really help alleviate any symptoms associated with an aggravated or inflamed patella tendon.  Once again the bulk generic neoprene knee supports especially the open patella design which by definition is made to isolate the knee cap quite often through a padded buttress promise to do this but often lack any real stabilization or tracking in this area, the reason is comes back to the design of the knee support in the first instance.  It is quite difficult to give satisfactory functional patella isolation and compression through just 3 straps. The third strap is trying to tighten the knee support and fix it in place, you need two separate adjustable straps to give any kind of decent and functional compression to the patella tendon.  The EX-701 excels in this area as it has the benefit of two cross-over adjustable straps which can be fully customized to add more or less compression to the patella tendon region.  If you have Jumper’s knee for example we know that it is often inflamed because it is loaded incorrectly whilst being stretched due to force pulling on the tendon i.e. tight quadriceps muscle and tracking issue taking the patella tendon out of it’s natural groove, a few millimeters is enough with repetitive loading to cause pain and swelling.  This condition responds well to bracing directly over the soft tissue area of the patella tendon as it resets the groove and unloads the tendon. Typical 3 strap designed knee supports do not achieve this and more often than not they have no adequate support or pain relief in this area.

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The two independent cross-over straps provide a much more snug and secure compression to the patella tendon area.  This can help alleviate pain associated with patella tendonitis. 

It also helps with tracking issues if there is misalignment of the groove where the patella sits. You do not need a separate patella band or brace to achieve this.

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lateral stabilisers3. Stabilzation of lateral ligaments and overall knee – Not many knee supports for this level of price point will have adequate lateral stabilisation to help form a much more sturdy knee support which can help vulnerable knees in particular knees which have become weak due to either medial collateral ligament or lateral collateral ligament injury/weakness.  The EX-701 has two flexible metal springs on both the medial side and lateral side of the knee. Combined with an elastic sleeve which basically does two things: helps position the knee brace for easy fitting using the 4 strap system and also creates a snug fit with a smooth finish helping stop any of the smaller straps from digging into the skin at the back of the knee.  This is a common problem with many of the cheaper and generic knee supports on the market.

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Osteo arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis knee conditions are also responsible for deterioration of the lateral ligaments, which can become vulnerable.  Symptoms of giving away, locked knees and deformation are typical in more advanced conditions. Without a sturdy design through the metal springs, the affected knee would not be well protected from further issues associated with this vulnerability. The EX-701 provides the perfect balance of rigid and sturdiness but also flexibility, and a low profile to keep unrestricted movement possible.

comfort-gap4. Comfort Gap – The unique 4-way compression strap system not only creates the non-slip wrap-around snug compression but also is responsible for a special design feature which creates a critical 1cm gap behind the knee where the two smaller straps wrap around the knee.  Again in typical 3-strap designs you will have a larger middle strap wrapping around the back of the knee which can cause restricted movement and bending of the knee because often the strap is too long so it ‘piles up’ behind the knee or more often than not because the 3 strap design relies on the middle strap to be tight to secure the brace it means it will often irritate the skin from being too tightly secured. see video review below to see full explanation of this feature.

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super-strong-velcro5. Super Strong Velcro – Cheap generic knee braces have a common trait, hey have very flimsy and thin velcro tabs.  Even some established brands at much higher prices show the same cheap velcro.  We looked at the consumer feedback in this area and realised that it was a common occurrence that many brands making these neoprene knee braces were supplying very poor velcro tabs along with even poorer velcro cloth to stick to.  The end result was loss of adhesion and function from either the velcro tabs ‘curling up’ over repeated use or the actual velcro cloth losing its adhesion and often a combination of both!

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We are proud to say that we have used only the best premium materials in this department. The EX-701 USA model features super strong velcro tabs and cloth so strong and thick that we guarantee the velcro attachment tabs will never lose its shape or curl up over time.  We also tested the strength of the adhesion and as you can see by the image below the EX-701 can hold a 35lb weight plate from the velcro!




Strong velcro adhesion ensures proper function and also durability to the knee brace.  The difference between brands and models available in the market comes down to these key features which again are difficult to discover online, which is why we have gone the extra mile to educate the public about our products.

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skin-freindly-lining6. Premium Lycra Finish
 – A final premium touch to ensure the best quality and comfort is a jacquard lycra inner lining which we have purposely added to increase the level of comfort when the knee brace is being worn touching naked skin.  The lycra material is the same material used in undergarments this ensures that there is minimal rash and skin irritation from wearing the knee brace over extended periods of time.


Finally we have also added an elastic sleeve which does two things:

  1. It makes the knee brace super easy to fit and position for correct fitting
  2. It also protects the back of the knee from any chafing or cutting into by the smaller straps which wrap behind the knee.

In summary, all knee braces are not the same, The vast majority that retail below $20 or £15 are very much alike, if you really scrutinize and look at the style and design of these knee braces you will see 90% of these are all ‘3 strap design’ neoprene knee braces.  We have looked at the inherent problems and issues this style of knee brace has and we encourage you to look at consumer reviews on websites such as amazon to see for yourself.  Unfortunately the consumer does not know any better until the purchase is made.  We hope this article and information has given you a clear insight in the difference between the EX-701 performance knee brace and the generic versions of ‘ me too products’ on the market.

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