Stainless Steel Water Bottle

wide mouth stainless steel water bottle

The EX-600ml Stainless Steel Insulated water Bottle


18/8 (304) Food Grade Steel

The EX-600ml has has an inner wall made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel.  This ensures safe non toxic metal for every day use.  The steel will also ensure that there is no  leaching of flavors into your drinks.

Double Wall Insulation

The double construction will give excellent insulation from outside temperatures. The bottle will keep refrigerated drinks with a few ice cubes chilled for a full 24 hours.  The construction also means that there is no sweating or condensation and can be easily handled

Zero Leak Design

High quality stainless steel threads and super tight seals mean that the EX-600ml will never leak even when turned upside down which not many sports cap designs can boast.

Integrated Straw

An integrated straw which can easily be removed should you prefer means you can enjoy upright vertical drinking this comes in handy for people that need to keep their eyes on important tasks such as driving.

Wide Mouth Design

A 45mm wide mouth design means easy placement of ice cubes to further enhance the chilled drinks and also it makes it super easy to pour out drinks so less spilling takes place.

BPA Phtlates & Toxin Free

No Harmful BPA, phtalates or any other toxins are present in any of the material making the EX-600ml safe to use and drink every single day.

Retractable Sports Cap & Built in Loop

The sports cap allows drinking on the go but is also fully retractable which keeps it more hygienic and also ensures zero leaks when it is fully closed. The sports cap has a built in loop which allows easy attachment to outdoor gear with the included caribiner.

Cup Holder Friendly

The bottle will fit most car cup holders as the total diameter is only 70mm super convenient when combined with the vertical drinking this is a drivers perfect companion!

Reusable & Environmentally friendly

Enjoy saving the environment by using less plastic bottles




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